Goth 24/7. #gothgoth.

My loves - my beautiful wife Kriss Poison.

My interests - anything dark, macabre, vampiric, occult, esoteric, satanic.

My Humour is a tad dark, sacrilegious and sarcastic, my sarcasm is often indistinguishable from my everyday tone, so much that have to remind those around me I was being serious or vice versa. I'm often taking the piss out of my self, very Australian... but prefer English humour.

I listen to a broad mix of music ranging from Black Metal, Blackend Death Metal, Death Metal, Doom (which I have Dj'd in the past) through to Goth, Deathrock, Industrial, EBM, Agrotech. Whatever floats my goat at the time.

A gamer, with a massive list of games I have never played. I have tendency to be a perfectionist and pump 100+ hours into a game and never complete it.

Blake Blood Graphic/Web/UX Designer. Developer. Goth.