Friday, 10 June 2016

Midnight Mass

I’ve done a couple logo projects lately, both of which I’m just waiting to lift the lid on. One for a black metal band in New Zealand and the other a logo for my wife Kriss.

So while I’ve been thinking about things I want to post here, and wishing that these logos could reveal themselves, I started thinking of the work I created for Midnight Mass. A club/live music event that was run by my wife and I, an event that I created the branding for and rushed each month to push out a poster for.

Midnight Mass along with it’s Facebook/Social Media is deleted and long gone, leaving the artwork rotting on a external drive. I felt it needed to see some light again.

The event posters where all a collection of found photos, band artwork and typography. It was an interesting process watching month by month how each poster evolved. All up we ran Midnight Mass for 13? events, featuring Dj's (myself included) and the bands Internal Harvest, Terra Australis, Obsidieth, Blackwater, Adamus Exul, Perseverance, Sanguinary Misanthropia.

Blake Graphic/Web/UX Designer. Developer. Goth.


  1. Awesome posters. Its a pity midnight mass is no longer running,that is an event I really would have liked.

    1. I took the design of each poster with a lot of pride and passion, Midnight Mass was a great night, but it was a lot of work, fun work.

  2. If you can do work that you love then its not work. In my opinion anyway. Or as you put it,fun work! Keep up the good work. Dark blessings to you and