Friday, 16 September 2016

Melbourne Goth Shops - An eulogy

An eulogy.

With the word that Peril Underground is closing its doors it's a sad day for Melbourne’s alternate subculture as we edge closer to a city that's soul is vanilla. When I was a “baby bat” used for a lack of a better term, you could head into Melbourne for a day of shopping and be inspired. Now in a world of high rental/shopfront lease prices slowly killing smaller shops, only the chains will survive. Anything individual or boutique will be left by the wayside, no wonder it feels rare to see someone alternative shopping in the CBD.

Let's have a minutes silence to those departed.

Gown Of Thorns
Culture Shock
Visage ‘n’ Vice
Deviate Shop
Downtown Revolution
Charley Weaver
Blake Blood Graphic/Web/UX Designer. Developer. Goth.

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